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Tony Gregory is an elite, award winning TV director working across the genres of Performance, Entertainment, Event, Current Affairs and Reality.

His work spans the mainstream and the cutting edge. 

He has also produced 500+ music, youth, entertainment and documentary programmes for all main UK channels, and collected accolades from the National TV Awards, RTS and BAFTA

He has been singled out as a passionate, inventive market-leader.

Tony’s clients number the BBC, SKY, ITV, Channels 4 & 5, RTL, MTV, PBS.

As a director, his USP is ‘empathic collaboration’ - creating a unique symbiosis between those in front and behind the camera.   The result is a television experience with the excitement and energy of a front-row seat.

Tony trains directors and producers for the BBC and international broadcasters, and consults on strategic production issues of creativity, workflow efficiency, and technology.


Latest Show

If you’re near a PBS station in the US, look out for Hallelujah Broadway. Tony says “It was a thrill to direct” - The brainchild of legendary TV producer Bill Hughes, the show harnesses the emotional power of songs that have inspired millions of theatre-goers and gathers them all together.  This show is high on emotion, and has the most incredible performances! 


Tony has just finished some intense training with the leading experts in 3D filming, from Hollywood.  “Utterly amazing!   Not only have I seen the future, I can shoot it, too!” says Tony.


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Tony strives to superserve a production’s aims, while facilitating the best environment for performers to do their best work.

He takes a fresh approach to the staging, design and creative aspects of a production, and delights in facilitating a collaborative, team environment, whilst remaining decisive and calm under pressure.

Equally experienced with live transmission and intricate post-production, Tony crafts every shot and cut.   He can work ‘on the fly’ covering events and performances as they unfold, but is also a master at shot-planning to enhance every note, lyric or articulation. 

TV is in Tony’s DNA, he loves the craft of being a director; instinctively knowing when a dramatic cut or close-up should be deployed to have a dramatic effect on the viewer.  

For clips and reels, please get in touch.


For some clients this has meant devising a ‘look’ for a series or channel in terms of design and/or filming, and then coaching a team of directors and crew to achieve it.

It can mean assessing a production workflow on a large and complex project, and producing a report and recommendations, or advising on specific aspects of a large shoot, often working alongside other directors.   Even just half a day of creative discussion can be very valuable.

Tony has also been called upon at the concept stage to assess and propose creative and technical ideas for new programme formats.


Besides  directing, and consulting, Tony also trains directors in live and studio directing skills for the BBC Academy, and has written and delivered bespoke courses for major broadcasters and production companies in Europe.  

Courses cover multi camera directing, directing music, directing ‘big’ shows, and how to manage a creative team.